Bluewater, focuses on bridging the gap from broadcast to online media.

Bluewater is a truly converged agency, bringing all aspects of research, creative, production, digital commerce, and offline and online media together under one roof. Our vision is in response to a major gap in the marketplace, where the needs of today’s omni-channel marketer are often being serviced by vendors with narrow capabilities and an unwillingness to share data; where their primary focus is on protecting their slice of the marketing budget, versus doing what is in the client’s best interests. The result: disjointed campaigns that are missing marketplace opportunities or being driven by decisions based on partial or erroneous information.

In today’s highly complex omni-channel world, where marketers must meet their customers at a place and time of the consumer’s choosing, requires a holistic, integrated approach. That is why we have built the finest performance-driven marketing agency with vertically integrated resources, including owning our own 33,000 sq. ft. facility and gear. These formidable resources run by team of veteran industry leaders allow us to create and deliver every necessary asset in an efficient and nimble manner. Our commitment to high-quality, sophisticated, and entertaining content has been leveraged by start-ups and well-known brands alike, who want their direct marketing efforts to perform at the most effective and aspirational level possible. With integrated media and backend management, we are committed to data analytics that enable us to optimize campaigns based on real results and effective attribution modeling. Our approach is an aggressive shift from a protectionist view bent on safeguarding a narrow slice of a client’s marketing budget. The result has been unprecedented collaboration, growth, campaign success and bottom-line sales, fueled by a passion for continuous improvement and refinement that is reflective of today’s ever-changing marketing environment.

Bluewater, A Brief History


Founder & CEO Andy Latimer raises his sails on the idea of a new venture and Bluewater was born.


Bluewater buys a dream sized facility with studios, green rooms, edit bays and prep kitchens.


Bluewater named the 2nd fastest growing company in the state of Florida and an INC 500 company.


Bluewater acquires Amazon Marketplace Top 500 Seller and fuels the digital direct to consumer channel.


Studios, Media and Digital Divisions converge, and guided by Analytics propels Bluewater to the agency it has become today.