Bluewater Media Launches Advanced Visualization Platform

insightIQ is a New Platform that Gives Brands a Better Understanding of their Advertising Performance

CLEARWATER, FL, October 1, 2021

Bluewater, a direct-to-consumer marketing and advertising agency that has fully converged services including production and creative, media planning and buying, commerce and sales support with analytics, has launched insightIQ, the ultimate visualization platform that helps brands develop a crystal clear picture of media performance data and business growth.

This is a key addition to Bluewater’s IQsuite, a collection of customized tools for marketing performance. insightIQ brings together over 20 marketing, media, e-commerce and martech platforms into one place to give advertisers an opportunity to see how their advertising strategy is driving their business forward.

“Advertisers want more…they’re in search of a centralized view of all their media performance– that’s the genesis of why we developed insightIQ,” said Rob Fallon, CEO of Bluewater Media. “I always say that creative and story are key building blocks of every successful campaign. insightIQ extends our ability to use data to create more effective campaigns and get our clients the most return on their advertising investment. insightIQ lets you see that efficacy and measure results from the highest macro levels all the way to super granular views- that’s the beauty of it!”

Powered by custom cloud infrastructure, this new platform was designed from the ground up to provide clear, actionable information. Custom visuals and interactivity provide both seasoned marketers and non-marketing leaders the ability to intrusively understand advertising performance. This wasn’t by accident, David Tiberia, VP of Data and Analytic explains: “When we set out to build a visualization platform, we studied how brands look at advertising performance and then imagined visuals that are laser focused on providing those insights. Every detail of insightIQ is designed to provide useful information with minimum fuss.”

insightIQ supports any type of goal including direct sales, retail sales, lead gen and awareness/audience. The platform can also be customized to work with any type of funnel or to support proprietary brand metrics and goals.

“When the best marketing strategy is paired with strong data tools, our clients win” said Gina Pomponi, President and COO of Bluewater. “The initial feedback from our clients is extremely positive. The entire IQsuite is an investment in what matters most, our clients’ success.”


About Bluewater:

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