5 Things You Need to Thrive and Succeed as a Woman in a Male Dominate Industry

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In the United States in 2022, fields such as Aircraft piloting, Agriculture, Architecture, Construction, Finance, and Information technology, are still male-dominated industries. For a woman who is working in a male-dominated environment, what exactly does it take to thrive and succeed?

Consumer Behavior Has Changed, and There is no Going Back.

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The Covid-19 pandemic changed life as we knew it. Everything was interrupted—our daily routines, how we interacted, educated, socialized, and shopped. Some changes were hard to take while others introduced us to a new way of doing things that just made sense. As consumers, the acquisition of goods, whether essential, discretionary, or luxury, changed dramatically. The workplace? This landscape was now vastly different. But are these changes for better or worse? Are they here to stay or will they fade away? That is the question…

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Effectively Leverage Data To Take Your Company To The Next Level

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Whether we like it or not, work in the current environment doesn’t typically allow for a lot of time to methodically think though problems. The example above isn’t isolated as many analytics teams can take weeks to provide data and analysis. Expectations of speed dictate that the time an employee can spend working on or researching a specific problem is usually limited. If you’re going to encourage team members to use data to make decisions and drive progress, then you’ve got to figure out ways to make data rapidly accessible. Otherwise, some of the most important questions your teams come up with will never get answered.

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Can You Cancel Or Pivot Your Media As Fast As Consumers Cancel Your Celebrity?

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Cancel culture. It’s not just a buzzword; it’s the people’s empowerment tool of withdrawing support for a person or company over incendiary words or actions, often resulting in being removed from social or professional circles and loss of livelihood. This trend has become pervasive in the past three years.

Leading Direct Marketing and Advertising Agency Lands Hotly Contested Account

CLEARWATER, FL, April 8, 2022

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Bluewater rides waves of success after winning NordVPN’s U.S. Media account, focusing on media strategy, planning, and buying for NordVPN. The transition will begin immediately and work in collaboration with NordVPN’s collective agency roster.

Bluewater CEO Rob Fallon and THOR Associates CEO Fern Lee Team Up to Talk Creative at PDMI East

Learn what makes the creative click in direct response and beyond

CLEARWATER, FL, March 3, 2022

Bluewater is excited to announce that Rob Fallon, CEO, has been invited to speak at a panel discussion at PDMI East, to be held March 13-15, 2022, at Eden Roc Miami Beach. He will be joined by fellow marketer and industry leader, Fern Lee, CEO of THOR Associates. The two industry veterans have combined their experience and expertise numerous times over the years to bring attention and sales to a wide range of clients including Balsam Hill, Treetopia, and Mutual of Omaha just to name a few.

Digital Marketing: 6 Ways to Prepare For a Privacy-Focused Consumer

CLEARWATER, FL, January 18, 2022
Changes in the trackability of online consumers coupled with an increased desire for privacy have affected all online advertisers this year.

Facebook received the lion’s share of the attention about the impacts of this issue due to the highly publicized iOS tracking changes implemented in early 2021. However, this trend affected a lot of other platforms besides Facebook.

A 2021 Prediction: Black Friday Sees Its Shadow

CLEARWATER, FL, November 18, 2021

Ushering in six more weeks of shopping deals to be had.

Black Friday shopping has been in vogue since the 1970s. Who hasn’t woken up at an ungodly hour to get the best deals on Black Friday? The tradition has become a staple in American culture. Retailers advertise their best deals of the season and lure holiday shoppers with “door busters” like a $200 big-screen TV or the toy of the season at the lowest price. With Thanksgiving week comes an abundance of ads touting storewide savings and early bird specials to drive sales … but it’s not just retail foot traffic this year.

Bluewater CEO Selected to the Forbes Agency Council

Rob Fallon’s Expertise on TikTok Marketing Already Cited

CLEARWATER, FL, October 5, 2021

Bluewater, a direct-to-consumer marketing and advertising agency that has fully converged services including production and creative, media planning and buying, commerce and sales support with analytics, announced today that its CEO, Rob Fallon, has been accepted as a member of the Forbes Agency Council, the invitation-only, fee-based Community For Senior-Level Agency Executives.

Bluewater Media Launches Advanced Visualization Platform

insightIQ is a New Platform that Gives Brands a Better Understanding of their Advertising Performance

CLEARWATER, FL, October 1, 2021

Bluewater, a direct-to-consumer marketing and advertising agency that has fully converged services including production and creative, media planning and buying, commerce and sales support with analytics, has launched insightIQ, the ultimate visualization platform that helps brands develop a crystal clear picture of media performance data and business growth.

Bluewater Media Announces Studio Expansion Expanding Its World Class Creative Capabilities

Eight New Built-in Sets Give the Leader in DTC Advertising More Space to Get Ads to Market

CLEARWATER, FL, September 28, 2021

Bluewater Media, a Clearwater-based DTC Advertising Agency, announces today the expansion of its already impressive studio capabilities. Bluewater recently completed the expansion pushing the square footage from 33,000 square feet to 36,000 square feet, allowing for even more world class creative capabilities. The addition gives producers a bigger toolbox to serve its clients’ production needs.

Bluewater Media Bolsters Digital Team with Hire of Executive Kristy Andreadakis

Director of Digital Marketing hired to drive digital direct to consumer sales, increase market-share, and grow audience engagement for Bluewater clients

CLEARWATER, FL, September 24, 2021

Bluewater, a force in the direct-to-consumer advertising arena, strengthens their digital media team by adding seasoned veteran Kristy Andreadakis to lead the charge. As Director of Digital Marketing, Kristy has over 10 years of experience leading social media marketing strategies for highly regulated industries. Her experience encompasses both B2B and B2C strategy, content marketing, web analytics and direct response marketing.

17 Unique Ways For Brands To Leverage TikTok This Holiday Season

CLEARWATER, FL, September 9, 2021

Originally published by Forbes

Brands are always looking to leverage the “latest thing” in terms of social media trends to help amplify their marketing and advertising, and this holiday season, the latest and greatest thing is TikTok. While many brands have begun to consider ways to make the most of their presence on the video-sharing platform, it’s still such a novel marketing channel, they may not be fully aware of TikTok’s wide-ranging capabilities, much less its most popular trends.

Bluewater Welcomes Veteran Producer Strengthening Production Team

Gia Ferrulo Joins Direct Marketing Agency as Production Talent Growth Continues

CLEARWATER, FL, August 27, 2021

Bluewater, a direct-to-consumer marketing and advertising agency that has fully converged services including production and creative, media planning and buying, commerce and sales support with analytics, announces the hiring of Producer Gia Ferrulo.

Traditional Advertising Secrets with Special Guest Gina Pomponi

Marketing and Service with Justin Varuzzo, August 10, 2021

In this episode of Traditional Advertising Secrets, we have a special guest Gina Pomponi, COO of Bluewater Media – a full-stack marketing agency with in-house production. Gina speaks of the importance of reaching a broad-audience like those found through TV to actually help better define your target audience – and the compound power of combining traditional media and digital media to produce a synergy the maximizes the results of each.

D2C Marketing is More Relevant Than Ever with Bluewater Media President Gina Pomponi

Marketing Mambo Podcast, June 28, 2021

Marketing is no longer linear. On this episode of Marketing Mambo, hosted by Terry McDougall, Gina shares the importance of using the right tools for the right objectives. Whether it’s through digital marketing, direct response television, or even “old school” billboards, direct to consumer marketing is changing and it’s time to get on board. Listen to Gina and Terry McDougall discuss the various pros and cons of omnichannel marketing in our multi-screen world.

14 Effective Ways To Market ‘Unsexy’ Products And Services

CLEARWATER, FL, May 25, 2021

Originally published by Forbes

While working in a “sexy” field might be fun for marketers, many businesses and industries are decidedly “unsexy.” Crafting an effective campaign strategy within a marketplace that many people perceive to be boring to begin with might demand a more creative, formal or otherwise distinct approach.

13 Smart Ways For Marketers To Leverage TikTok

CLEARWATER, FL, May 21, 2021

Originally published by Forbes

TikTok continues to surge in popularity. As of January of 2021, the platform had more than 680 million users worldwide. With so many users on the short-form video app, it’s quickly become a relevant channel for advertising. However, it can be a challenge for brands to create a short video ad without it coming across as run-of-the-mill, highly produced commercial.

DTC Marketing Firm Bluewater Achieves Success in Distributing bamix® Blenders

Tampa Bay Digital Marketing Helps bamix to Top Ratings in U.S. Hand Blender Category

TAMPA BAY, FL, May 21, 2021

Bluewater, a DTC marketing and advertising agency and the distribution partner of bamix® of Switzerland, announced today that the 100% Swiss, hand-crafted hand blenders company has received top ratings in its product category from the Chicago Tribune and other industry analysts.