Can You Hack It On Amazon?

CLEARWATER, FL, February 24, 2021

Do you think your brand can hack it on Amazon or do you want to leverage Amazon as a secondary source for sales? Why not when Amazon accounts for 45% of all U.S. ecommerce sales. But it’s not as easy as putting up a listing of your product. With so many brands failing at their amazon launch, you can turn to Bluewater for the expertise to push a successful launch and optimize your listing to achieve long-term marketplace viability.

Unless you have been living in a hole, everyone knows Amazon is a beast. According to Amazon in 2020, 112 million people subscribe to Prime in the U.S., 9 of 10 consumers price shop on Amazon before purchasing in retail or on brand commerce sites and Amazon sales accounts for 45% of all U.S. ecommerce sales. With these numbers, it’s no wonder that most people likely knows someone who has claimed to be successful on Amazon. Sometimes, these people tell an accurate story about their experience, but their explanation may not provide you with all the facts. Just a few years ago, back in 2011, Amazon advertising did not really exist and the marketplace itself was less crowded. Mindset shifted first, then our environment completely changed and now everyone wants to be an entrepreneur and Amazon is one of the easier ways to make it possible for ordinary people to start a business., However most people do not understand it’s not just putting a product up and watching your bank account increase. There is a lot that goes into making Amazon successful. As a successful 5-Star seller on Amazon for a variety of products, Bluewater has four critical tips that you should follow before adding Amazon to your sales funnel.

  1. Find the right product: I deal with people on a weekly basis that talk about a product idea that their cousin came up with. Understand exactly why that person did well or why the category is lucrative, then start to think about how you can fill that niche. Secondary information can be the death of your launch. Lay out your goals based on investment and find products that fit those goals.
  2. Utilize Off Channel: Amazon is not like shopping at Target. You do not walk up and down the aisles noticing things you did not intend to buy. You go to Amazon with a purpose to buy something specific or do research. Now if I am selling a product no one knows, how am I supposed to get them to Amazon to search for it? I entice them to buy via “off channel” or non-Amazon platforms. We prefer to use paid social ads to drive consumers to a website. We know 60% of consumers will start their search at Amazon regardless, so we do not even need to push them directly to Amazon. This helps with minimizing competition and obtaining customer information.
  3. Do Not Set it and Forget it: Once you are up and running and the product is moving at a good rate, it is easy to just rake in the benefits. Do not do this. Pay attention daily to see what is changing because it could have a detrimental effect on your listings. Things to pay attention to are rogue sellers, adjustment in fees and random shutdowns.
  4. Always Have a Backup: Do not put your eggs in one fulfillment method. COVID-19 has taught us everything can change and that applies to Amazon too. They can take months to perform a simple task. Having a contingency warehouse alleviates this issue.

Amazon is not a small endeavor if you want to make this your number one source of revenue or a significant part of your overall sales funnel, you must be prepared and ready to adapt if you want to make it work. These four tips will help you to set the groundwork and give your brand a great shot at making Amazon a lucrative source of revenue. If this endeavor feels overwhelming or if you simple do not have the resources to support an Amazon launch, Bluewater is here to help. We have successfully launch well over 200 brands on Amazon. We have both the expertise and manpower to make your Amazon goals achievable. Contact our commerce and Amazon experts at solutions@bluewater.tv.