Converting Online Customers with Confidence

CLEARWATER, FL, February 4, 2021

Several studies across the industry show that 79% of online shoppers use mobile devices, and mobile purchases account for as much as 50% of all internet sales. Yet, 70% of online shoppers abandon their carts after online browsing according to Baymard Institute. And that percentage continues to rise. The biggest leak in the website marketing funnel is the abandoned cart. In fact, Kissmetrics research shows that 40% of users will abandon if a URL takes more than 3 seconds to load. These customer behaviors drive the critical need for marketers to employ responsive, nimble and intuitive websites, as well as deliver smart targeted remarketing strategies to recapture customer interest and drive conversion. Here are three of the most critical tips from our digital and website development experts to build a successful commerce website for your brand.

First is user experience (UX). Best in class performing shopper sites funnel customers seamlessly with as few clicks as possible. They are designed to land the shopper to their desired product without forcing them to needlessly navigate to desired targets. By tracking behavior on our websites, Bluewater has recognized that more stimuli equals more clutter, and more clutter delays decision making. Simply put, we know shoppers need to effortlessly land on the desired product and be able to make a quick confident purchase. Additionally, we recognize and have successfully increased the average cost per order for clients by displaying complimentary products or accessories below the shopper item.

UX is just one piece though. Content is the means to building customer confidence in their purchase decision. Shopper sites must instill consumer trust to strengthen shopper engagement. Displaying clear and concise contact information, effortless return policies, free or fixed shipping offers, FAQ resources and recent relevant customer reviews are the essential pillars toward building best in class shopper advocacy. To elevate the shoppers delight, Bluewater encourages clients to also employ knowledgeable customer service support via chat or phone and real User Generated Content (UGC) product experiences to drive brand credibility and position as top of mind.

Our last tip brings digital marketing into the mix. Integration of active remarketing strategies creates that last layer of recovery to the abandon cart abyss. Brands must leverage email reminders, push notifications and onsite retention tools to reconnect the shopper to the cart. Dynamic and colorful images or videos are united with item lists, product availability messages, and time sensitive special offers to bolster the allure of cart items and recapture the shopper to drive purchase conversion.

Improving shopper experience and recapturing to the abandoned cart is an incremental process toward online sales success, but it’s a big win once you reengineer and re-energize the process. In today’s environment, getting the basics right on your commerce website should not be an afterthought to backfill sales, it should be your top performing source for sales. Bluewater has been building strategies for years that position commerce sites as the primary source for sales, and our digital team is prepared to do the same for your brand. Contact us at solutions@bluewater.tv for a free assessment of your commerce site.