Making Your Brand Human and Relevant in the Digital Space

CLEARWATER, FL, March 19, 2021

Four tips for running a successful influencer marketing campaign.

Digital marketing channels are becoming more and more saturated as brands recognize the cost efficiencies, the consumer reach and adapt to the new way that all consumer segments are engaging with products. In 2020 alone, marketers spent an average of 51% of their marketing budgets in digital according to the Wall Street Journal. Basically if you don’t have a digital footprint, then you should close-up shop because your competitors will swoop in and take your customers. But knowing so much emphasis is being put into digital marketing, how can you differentiate and engage with consumers on a next generation level? Enter influencer marketing, a seamless way to present your brand to new audiences through creators’ profiles. According to Insider Intelligence, brands are set to spend up to $15 billion on influencer marketing by 2022. Why? People trust their peers, people are swayed by those they admire, people are simply social creatures. Case and point, in a recent consumer study by invesp, 72% of consumers said they trust a company more after its recommended by an influencer and 40% say they even purchased a product after seeing it be used by an influencer online. Connection, engagement and sales all though a single interaction from a like-minded person that made a product relevant.

If you’re considering adding influencers to your marketing mix, here are some tips that have made Bluewater successful.

  1. Have a clear business objective:
    First things first, to take full advantage of the power of influencer marketing, you need to have clear business and campaign goals. Some questions you might want to ask yourself are How will this strategy fit into my larger business plan? Where will it belong within the funnel? and Do I have the infrastructure as a business to contract and follow up with creators? Once you have satisfactory answers to these initial questions, you’ll need to establish some measurable metrics (key performance indicators), which will vary depending on the campaign’s objective, but will be critical for gauging success.
  2. Strive for great brand and creator fit:
    You need to know your target audience — what they like, how they talk, their lifestyle, and how you add value. Don’t skip this fundamental step! As you start searching for influencers, this will allow you to find those who are best aligned with your audience.
  3. Test, Learn, and Iterate:
    Like almost any advertising tactic, you can slice it and dice it in 1,000 different ways. Oh, the combination of science and art, right? Smaller brands might decide to work with nano-, a variety of nano- and micro-, or macro-influencers. Picking the best creator for your brand is only one of the steps. Knowing which platform to use is just as important.
  4. Go Beyond Social Media:
    Once you’ve found creators who are a good fit for your brand and audience, be open to using them across multiple platforms. Social media will still be an ideal space for this strategy, but don’t be afraid to expand to other mediums, such as email, a website, and others.

Ready to jump on the train and join the group of brands using influencer marketing? Bluewater has developed strategies that leverage both celebrity and peer influencers for a variety of products. We believe any well-rounded marketing plan needs both the push of marketing messages and the human factor to make an immediate and lasting impact on your brands growth. If you need help taking advantage of this tactic for your business, we here at Bluewater are anxious to help you build a personalized strategy for your brand.