3 Tips for Making Your Advertising Dollars Accountable



Let’s face it, the economy is very dynamic to say the least right now. Clinching down on your advertising budget is common knee jerk reaction, but not the best move to keeping your business driving forward and revenue UP! The smart marketer is looking for innovative strategies to get more with less. It’s time to get proactive.

1. Be open to Change. The global economy has entered a fight with an invisible opponent and the impact has created a wake of financial damage. Facing adversity forces leaders to welcome change or face extinction. With only two ways to adjust a business’s bottom line: increase sales or cut costs…. turning to a direct performance agency, like Bluewater gives you an opportunity to do both! Going direct still targets the same customers but with very different buying methodologies.

Fearing change is normal, but time after time the results speak for themselves: increased sales volume with more cost-effective media spend. To find comfort in the change let Bluewater show you some case studies with experience in your vertical.

2. Shop Around. Not all direct agencies are created equally. Tip one…. Transparency….you have to have a relationship with your agency that begins with trust. To truly collaborate you must share every bit of data and cost…no hiding, no black box…it is the genesis of performance.

Beware that many direct agencies have no big brand experience, and many general agencies claim to know the direct to consumer path, at Bluewater we have extensive experience with both! Our advice is to vet and go with a converged agency that has experience on the front side developing d2c creative as well as all the experience with media strategy and placement and proven success with digital d2c integration. The performance landscape has evolved drastically over the last 10 years, and the most effective and fastest growing performance agencies like Bluewater are locked in on driving results without compromising brand quality or attention to detail. The result is an attraction of larger brands who have committed to trying D2C agencies. The truth is that the real time sales data is intoxicating, and once there is a flavor for the performance accountability it will change the way you develop your marketing plans!

3. Test. Test. Test. Let’s face it this is a new angle to consider. Getting your team to buy in to a new way of doing things can be a difficult step, change is inherently scary. Initially, start small with a test buy. At Bluewater, we often advise this toe in the water approach to start and recommend a testing strategy walking you through the escalation and optimization process. Test, read, optimize is the proven path to success. In this environment you have to let the data drive decisions!

We get it, making a move can be scary! At Bluewater we’ve built our business around making our client’s advertising dollars accountable and profitable! We’re ready to do the same for you. Call Now!



About Bluewater:

Bluewater is a converged advertising and marketing agency that utilizes digital and broadcast creative, media strategy and transactional e-commerce to introduce products to market and build lasting brand awareness. Bluewater was the first end-to-end, fully digital, tapeless studio in the state of Florida. Its digital division provides social media, digital production, digital advertising, and turnkey solutions to maximize product visibility and sales on consumer websites, Amazon and other marketplaces, including handling all aspects of inventory, marketing, and the sales process. Visit the company website at https://bluewater.tv or on LinkedIn @bluewater-media.