6 Recent Wins for Our Clients


  1. GREW PROFITS for a beverage brand 78% doubling their stock value and resulting in their acquisition by a Fortune 100 company within 9 months of Launch.
  2. EXCEEDED Cost Per Lead goal YOY by 30% for a major insurance company. They cost effectively ramped their campaign up 90% over projections to EXCEED SALES GOALS for the year by 113%.
  3. IMPROVED COST PER LEAD for home delivery company by 22% in the first quarter after taking over the business from a competitor and sustained the improvement over 3 years and running.
  4. IMPLEMENTED a hybrid buy strategy for a traditional advertiser and IMPROVED their cost efficiencies by 47% with the power of direct response television.
  5. LAUNCHED an innovative product line in the outdoor cooking category and successfully captured 25% of the market share from traditional outdoor grill companies.
  6. OUTPERFORMED our client’s cost per order GOAL by more than 70% on the TV campaign launch of a healthcare product.


About Bluewater:
Bluewater is a converged advertising and marketing agency that utilizes digital and broadcast creative, media strategy and transactional e-commerce to introduce products to market and build lasting brand awareness. Bluewater was the first end-to-end, fully digital, tapeless studio in the state of Florida. Its digital division provides social media, digital production, digital advertising, and turnkey solutions to maximize product visibility and sales on consumer websites, Amazon and other marketplaces, including handling all aspects of inventory, marketing, and the sales process. Visit the company website at https://bluewater.tv or on LinkedIn @bluewater-media.