Underdog Brands Turn to Bluewater for its Unique DTC Approach that is Guaranteed to Drive Exponential ROI

Tampa Bay Digital Marketing and Ad Agency Integrated Marketing Agency Has Turned Around Fortunes of Once-Struggling Companies

TAMPA BAY, FL, May 14, 2021

Bluewater, a DTC marketing and advertising agency, has outpaced the competition in becoming the “underdog whisperer” for small business, start-ups and struggling brands.

3.17 million small businesses existed in the U.S. by end of 2020. Starting a small business is not only part of the longstanding American dream, but also an essential part of the growing economy. In 2001, Bluewater was started with the vision to position any small business for the same financial success as the largest brands in the market.

By building the agency with an entrepreneurial mindset and working with small businesses and struggling brands as a partner that evaluated all opportunities, Bluewater became the catalyst for driving exponential ROI. Brands such as Navage, Blackstone Products, SodaStream and Cubii, that were once small or lesser-known companies, all partnered with Bluewater for that needed significant growth.

From that partnership, for example, Cubii was purchased for $100 million in Q4 2020 and SodaStream was purchased by PepsiCo. for $3.2 billion in Q3 2018. The President and Founder of Navage, Martin Hoke, stated “the growth of Navage was built largely on TV advertising, Bluewater’s knowledge of the industry, genuine passion for the brand and meticulous attention to detail were key contributors to our success.”

“The methodology and science in our proprietary Bluewater approach is more than just the traditional DTC or direct response discipline. We understand what it takes to make underdog brands successful on a deeper level than typical marketing or agency people. Bluewater welcomes, even encourages, any challenge because we’re so confident in our proven DTC approach”, commented Rob Fallon, CEO of Bluewater.

Gina Pomponi, Bluewater’s President and COO noted, “Coming from a big media agency, it was refreshing to see the commitment and passion this team has for every brand who partners with Bluewater. Everyone is in 100% agreement that we are only successful when clients are successful.”


About Bluewater:

Bluewater has one core metric of success: yours. We’re a direct marketing and advertising agency converging all the services needed to be relevant to consumers where they live, work and play. Our experienced, talented team of converged professionals make us remarkable. We attack the work differently. We are always inquisitive. The pride and accountability we put in our work is at the root of what makes us better. Just ask to see our results. Visit the company website at https://bluewater.tv or on LinkedIn @bluewater-media.