Great Creative Remains the Key to DTC Success

CLEARWATER, FL, December 14, 2020

Great Creative Remains the Key to DTC Success
Published by PDMI in Results Magazine 12/14/2020

As we all look to turn the page on a historic — to put it mildly — 2020, I’m asked to make predictions on what the 2021 market will look like. Before we really look into the future, let’s take a minute to evaluate what we’ve learned from this year.

Consumer Behavior Data – Insights

CLEARWATER, FL, November 30, 2020

Shift Happens – Get ahead with Consumer Behavior Data
Published by Multichannel Merchant, 11/24/2020

2020 will go down in history for many reasons…most of them we’ll all try to forget. For brands and marketers, there are a few consumer changes that you’re going to want to remember. The most significant is the rapid and forced transformation of consumer experiences. According Safesforce, 63% of consumers say that the way they obtain goods and services has been altered as a result of the pandemic and 57% also say how they engage with companies has transformed during 2020. How should this shape your plans for 2021? Let’s dig into some of these changes.


The Evolution of Direct Response


Direct Response advertising is a highly effective, proven tactic to cost effectively reach consumers directly, drive immediate engagement and transactions. Direct Response drives immediate direct revenue/leads and effectively builds brand awareness. Direct Response advertising can be an immediate profit center offsetting M&A costs.

Bubbly strategy, sparkling performance!


sodastream® quietly entered the US market as a substitute to sugary sodas with an innovative at home kitchen appliance and engaged Bluewater’s converged services to make a splash in the market and help boost sales while driving consumer acceptance to disrupt the beverage category—monopolized by leading The Coca-Cola Company and PepsiCo beverage conglomerates.


Don’t Let COVID Put a Mask on Your Media


Life as we know it has changed forever. Selling product has also changed forever. Since early March, when COVID reared its ugly head and lockdowns, shelter-in-place and social-distancing became our new normal, buyers’ habits have evolved in a way that nobody could have predicted. Online buying is now the preferred method of transacting which, in turn, has fast-tracked the retail apocalypse. Consumers are avoiding ‘social’ products and services like the plague (no pun intended) – party, travel, hospitality, events, luxury goods. Marketers have their work cut out for them and they’ve had to pivot their strategy to keep up with the rapidly changing trends. Here at Bluewater we understand these dilemmas and have developed and implemented some proven strategies for our clients to continue growth during these crazy times.


3 Tips for Making Your Advertising Dollars Accountable



Let’s face it, the economy is very dynamic to say the least right now. Clinching down on your advertising budget is common knee jerk reaction, but not the best move to keeping your business driving forward and revenue UP! The smart marketer is looking for innovative strategies to get more with less. It’s time to get proactive.


Kitchen Influencial – How Bluewater Media is helping cook up audiences and profits for food bloggers

In the 1980s, during the nascent days of cable television, when I first starting in the advertising business, audiences were tiny, unrated and easy to dismiss by the dominant, big-three broadcast networks. In time, combined cable ratings surpassed those three networks, and in recent years viewership for Netflix has also eclipsed audiences for those same once-dominant broadcasters. Today, the marketplace is at a similar nexus, as media usage habits shift, and bloggers and social media influencers begin to attract audiences in sizes that range from those requiring micro-measurement, to aggregated audiences that offer numbers rivaling TV’s reach.

Inside the World of Production: An Interview with Brandon Anthony

At the heart of direct response marketing are two things, the product and the production shoot. Content really is king; no matter how good or revolutionary a product may be, the creative, putting together the content, shooting the TV spot and stills (more on this in the future) is what gives it life. Brandon Anthony, one of our senior producers and directors sat down to give a behind the scenes look at what production is really like.

Animation: An Interview with Creative Director Ricky Turner

Animation was a revolutionary change in film and TV that signaled the advent of technological triumphs that previous generations couldn’t have even imagined. Animation brought us Mickey Mouse, Star Wars, Jurassic Park and others on the film side. In the world of television it enabled advertisers and show producers to create engaging and entertaining programs that connected with consumers like never before. Our Creative Director, Ricky Turner shares some insights about animation and his experience.

Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief Drive

Drop-Off Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief and Recovery Items at Bluewater Media/Studios’ Warehouse

If you’ve watched any television or logged onto a social network in the last few days, you have undoubtedly seen the devastation our fellow Americans are experiencing in Texas due to the unprecedented rain and historic flooding from Hurricane Harvey. You might be asking yourself, how can I help?

America loves Bluewater Media, Kid Rock and the American Badass Grill. (Not necessarily in that order)

100% American made, of course.

Bluewater Media at its finest… GoPro perspective, Rock Stars, Shotguns, Catapults, Machine Guns, Phantom High Speed and explosions…. does it get any better? After 2 years of secrecy we can finally tell you what we’ve been working on. Introducing Kid Rock’s American Badass Grill! Cheers to another epic production by the Badass Bluewater staff.